Thursday, September 25, 2008

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a term used by Boston Marketing Firms and Boston Advertising Agencies to identify a technique of marketing that utilizes social networking sites to produce an increase in brand awareness or other marketing objectives through a self-replicating viral process.

The best way to think of Viral Marketing is “word-of-mouth” enhanced by the technologies available on the web. What Viral Marketing does is encourage people to pass along a marketing message voluntarily, through spreading videos, flash games, ebooks, brandable software, etc…. “Word-of-mouth” marketing is arguably one of the most effective means of marketing to date, now just imagine that combined with the power and reach of the Internet.

Concurrently, viral Video Marketing has become a staple to many Boston Marketing Firms and Boston Advertising Agencies when it comes to getting their message out. Using the same concept of Viral Marketing, Online Video Marketing provides a cheap and easy way for companies to spread the word about what they do. Videos have proven to be very effective, and also serve as a differentiating factor for many companies across many industries.

The reach of these two techniques is amazing, as is the effectiveness. Boston Marketing Firms and Boston Advertising Agencies that offer these services, or who are embracing them, will certainly stand very far ahead of the competition.

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