Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mobile Marketing

In addition to Viral Marketing gaining popularity in the Interactive Marketing world, Mobile Marketing had become quite a hit as well.

Mobile Marketing via SMS and MMS are taking over and redefining the very meaning of marketing. SMS is becoming a notorious technique for improving customer engagement by almost 100%. One of the most popular ways that Boston Advertising Agencies promote brands though the use SMS along with MMS is to engage customers in competitions where prizes or discounted products are awarded.

In addition to generating high customer engagement, one of the greatest benefits of Mobile Marketing is that is allows very detailed demographic information about an individual to be collected, which results in highly targeted campaigns. When you effectively reach the right audience your chances of them investing money, buying your product, recommending your product, and returning as a satisfied customer increase drastically.

Mobile Marketing is one of the greatest tools available to Interactive Marketing Agencies today, and the highly specialized targeting makes it one of the most effective.

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