Thursday, January 22, 2009


PR 2.0 technologies will continue to advance in 2009. PR 2.0 will be more important than ever in navigating, creating and maintaining the Social Web. The Social Web will remain an important tool in creating and managing personal and professional brands as well as guide content produced, discovered and distributed.

One of the newest members of the Social Web is Scrapplet: an emerging slate for combining and mobilizing distributed Web profiles, brand and content. Scrapplet is a customizable pallet for aggregating social profiles as well as a showcase for ideas, experiences, and expertise.

Scrapplet was originally created as an application for Facebook. It quickly evolved to provide integration with other social networking sites, such as MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. Scrapplet is now its own Web service, which allows users to instantly add their friends, pictures, videos, music, widgets, and entire web sites to their Scrapplets. Scrapplets are used as a central place for sharing, updating, and communicating with friends. Each microsite is portable. It can be placed within individual social media profiles, blogs, wikis and websites.

Scrapplets provide for customization and creativity. Each canvas offers tools and objects to add and create news feeds, flash objects, animation, custom menus, special effects, and more. Users can embed websites and third-party widgets directly on a page.

The Scrapplet creators thought of everything – Scrapplet supports logins from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, OpenID, Blogger, Flickr, WordPress, LiveJournal, Verisign, MyOpenId and others, so you don’t need to create yet another username and password.

What do you think of Scrapplet? What effects will it have it on PR 2.0?


Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for the kind words about! As cool as I think it is -- it is still (and probably always be) a work in progress --- and a labor of love!

-- Steve Repetti

Tom James said...

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