Friday, November 14, 2008

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a tool Boston Marketing Firms are using to enhance search engine rankings for client’s websites. It is a technique that search engine optimization professionals employ to increase traffic to websites. So what is it?

Social bookmarking is a way for Internet and Boston Interactive Agencies users to store, categorize, search, and control web page bookmarks on the Internet. The saved bookmarks are generally made public, but can also be shared with particular people. Whether they’re made public or private, the audience can view the bookmarks chronologically, by category, by tags, or through a search engine.

Social bookmarking is effective for Boston SEO Agencies because if a client’s website is on the homepage of one of the social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit or Digg, there will be an almost automatic increase in traffic to the website. This increased traffic results in a greater amount of inbound links, which ultimately increases a website’s page rank.

Social bookmarking is a free promotional tool that marketing professionals use because it works favorably for search engine optimization. Try it out!


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